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Top 5 Tips for Home Showings During Covid-19

Conor J. Green Real Estate Investment

Written Feb. 1, 2021 by Conor J. Green

Have you considered what safety measures you should take while hosting, or attending, a home showing during covid-19? Here are my Top 5 Tips for Sellers, and my Top 5 Tips for Buyers!

Sellers, since you are the ones showing off those beautiful homes… let’s start with you!

  1. 3-D Virtual Tour
  2. Walkthrough Video
  3. Open Door Policy
  4. Lights On
  5. Open Any Nooks, Crannies, Cabinets, Garage, Etc.

3-D Virtual Tour

The reason a virtual 3-D tour is my #1 tip is because you can show the property, and someone can see it, without them physically coming inside. This alleviates unnecessary risks for both parties, and is how a lot of showings are happening right now. More people will see it…because all of the people who aren’t comfortable coming into your home…well, they’ll be comfortable with sitting at their computer and taking a 3-D tour through it! I’m sure they will appreciate having the option, too…especially if it’s realistic and well done! *psssst…hey, you!* Ask me about how my digital marketing skills can help with selling your home in this virtual world!

Walkthrough Video

A walkthrough video will allow people to get a little bit of a different flavor, in terms of seeing what it’s like to actually be on the property. Again, they can do this without physically coming and seeing it. All too often you see a buyer that doesn’t like some minor aspect about the home…like how it looked different in the pictures than when they saw it in person. Ultimately, that home is not their metaphorical glass slipper of homes. With the safety risks involved, it’s best for everyone that buyers be able to determine as much as possible about a property before physically coming to try on the glass slipper. 

Open Door Policy

What you’re going to do as the seller, or sellers agent…you’re going to make sure all of the doors are open before they arrive. Open up all of the doors so that they can walk through anywhere they need to, and won’t have to touch a thing. You’re still going to want to wipe down those doorknobs afterwards, but by opening up all of the doors, it’s going to allow them to walk through the entire home without having to open them up themselves. 

Lights On

As you open those doors, turn on the lights! Otherwise, they’re going to be flicking all those switches on. Just like the doorknobs…go ahead and wipe down those light switches, as well! People may still turn them on or off…we just can’t help it.

Open Any Nooks, Crannies, Cabinets, Garage, Etc.

Any areas of your home, somewhere in the garage, a few cabinet drawers, closets, the pantry, the shower…anywhere they may want to look, make sure they can see without having to touch anything!

Show off a virtual version of your home that is both appealing and realistic, open all of the doors, and turn on all of the lights!

Now onto buyers; be sure to follow these steps!

  1. Hands Inside the Ride at All Times
  2. Keep the Carpooling to a Minimum
  3. PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
  4. Sanitize Your Hands
  5. Eliminate Homes with 3-D Tours and Video Walkthroughs

Hands Inside the Ride at All Times

Since we’re going to ask the seller, or listing agent, to open up all of the doors and turn on the lights beforehand…we’re going to have to ask you to try and resist that natural human urge to touch doorknobs and flick light switches! I know it’s very tough to not touch things, but we’re going to try not to, just to be safe. 

Keep the Carpooling to a Minimum

It’s simple, if you’re seeing the home with multiple people…take separate cars. Routinely, I plan to go in the same car as my clients, but taking separate vehicles ensures minimum people in a confined space.

PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Mask, gloves, and booties! Protect yourself, and protect the seller. I definitely advocate that, and will supply it to my buyers, if needed. 

Sanitize Your Hands

I always bring hand sanitizer for my showings. Afterwards, I’ll put it on my hands, and on my client’s hands…even if we didn’t touch anything, I always recommend that. Be on the safe side!

Eliminate Homes with 3-D Tours and Video Walkthroughs

Photos can only do a home so much justice, but when you can watch a 3-D tour and walkthrough of a home…take advantage of it…WATCH THEM! It’s going to give you a better idea of what the home looks like, and you may determine you no longer even want to go see a home after viewing the 3-D tour and walkthrough. From a safety standpoint, the less homes you go see, the better!

In the end, we all have to pitch in to help keep each other safe.

Whether you’re welcoming someone into your home, or being welcomed into a home…act with kindness and play your part in keeping everyone’s best interest at heart!

Conor J. Green Real Estate Investment

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